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Help writing easy discussion board | Get Quick Solution
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1. Choose a film you expect many of your classmates have seen.

  • Identify the type of film you think it is; its genre (for example, romantic comedy, science fiction, action, and so on).
  • Describe one thing you expect from films of this type.
  • Did this particular film surpass, meet, or fall short of your expectations for
    this type of film and why? (For example, do you usually expect a film like this to have a surprising or predictable story; to present believable characters in realistic situations; to be all about special effects or exciting action sequences; to be funny, scary, or thought-provoking?)

2. After reading the two examples of evaluation essays assigned for this week, look over them again and locate the evaluative criteria each essay uses. With the Just Mercy evaluation, which specific elements from the film does the writer focus on and critique? Answer the same question about the “Everything Is Love” essay.


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