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For this paper, your first task is to identify some type of problem. This can be a societal level problem — homelessness, famine, illiteracy, racism — or a problem found more with individuals — procrastination, depression, financial indiscretion. Be sure, though, to select a problem (a) that you are interested in enough to do a lot of reading about and (b) for which realistic, well-founded solutions actually exist. Please feel free to run your topic ideas by me this week as you begin writing.

Getting started: the guidelines for this essay can be found in Chapter 7 of your textbook, particularly page 316. Please note: this essay must make use of a minimum of three relevant, credible sources; please follow all MLA guidelines for formatting and mechanics (link: OWL at Purdue (Links to an external site.)). Also, include a properly formatted “Works Cited” page.


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