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Language and Literature is used in so many ways in an early childhood educational setting. It is also incorporated into programs based on the programs philosophy and curriculum style they use. In every program you will find language and literature being taught but it is how it is taught and used throughout the curriculum and environment. As you read through chapter 5 you will reflect on “seeing the possibilities” of how to use language and literature in your curriculum/ program and how to evaluate your literature curriculum in your program. You will also look at the what, how, when and why you would select certain language and literature activities. For this discussion I want you to list and explain 3 main ways you would incorporate language and literature throughout the day as you work with young children and how you would go about planning specific language and literature activities with in your curriculum. When thinking about how to select activities do not forget about the child’s roll, the larger context of single books or grouping of books, and the developmental expectation of the CA Preschool Foundations and Framework, DRDP and ECERS. These resources are highlighted in week 6 overview with links provided.


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