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Reflection Due: Sunday by 11:59pm

A Hidden Heritage: African Ancestry in Latin America

When: September 16, 202011:00 AM-Noon

Presented by: Karla Gutierrez, World Languages Instructor; Dr. Raquel Jacob-Almeida, Sociology Instructor

What: Discussion on racism and colorism in Mexico and Brazil, including the erasure of African heritage and the myth of a “racial democracy.”

Link: cccconfer.zoom.us/j/99851736470 (Links to an external site.)

For the reflection assignment worth 10pts, answer the following questions in a one page + journal.

  • What was your biggest takeaway moment from?
  • What was at least two specific things that you witnessed or heard that interested you the most?
  • What is one area of your life that is changed now or will you think differently about because you attended this event?


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