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If I asked you to come up with engaging activities for young children you could probable do that without stress. If I asked you to select a variety of unique child experiences to support the curriculum I am I am developing you may get a bit more stressed out. This is because selecting activities to support a specific skill or concept is more complex than just coming up with a “fun or engaging” activity. Activity selecting is a skill and has to be practiced so you can be successful not only in providing a “fun and engaging” activity but also an activity that has content and helps children understand the concepts. For this discussion I want you to relook over chapter 5, page 108 on activity selecting. In your groups I want you to discuss a quality practice process for selecting activities for your curriculum plan. For your initial post I want you to discuss the process you would use to select activities to utilize in your curriculum plan. Discuss the process steps you take to determine what activities to include for the children’s experiences on a daily basis. Once your groupmates post their process compare and contrast them with yours to determine if they could be combined or adjusted to make one solid process for selecting activities.

To recap this weeks attendance and participation discussion board……

1) Reflect on how you would select activities to share with children and post your personal process for doing so. This should be done by Wednesday of the week.

2) Compare and Contrast your process with that of your groupmates and discuss what you as a group would consider to be a quality practice when selecting activities to do with young children. This should be done by Friday of the week.

3) Post back on your initial post what you now believe to be a solid quality practice process to selecting activities. This should reflect what your group discussed in the compare and contrast part of this discussion. This should be done by Sunday of the week.


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