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High school administrator–memo | Get Quick Solution
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For this assignment, imagine that you are a high school administrator, and there has been an increase in student gossip. Students are accusing each other of carrying items in their backpacks that are against school policy. The hearsay rumors are spreading rapidly, and you want to increase random school searches of backpacks, lockers, and cell phones.

You have been asked to create an informational memo for the parents of the high school children that explains the policy for school searches. The parents do not see the need for school searches of backpacks, cell phones, and lockers, and they are complaining that this is a violation of their children’s rights. The goal of the informative memo is to explain the information below.

  • Summarize the Fourth Amendment in your own words.
  • Discuss the rationale that supports a special needs search and how it applies to schools.
  • Give an example of what the student should expect during a search process.
  • Explain how witnesses and the hearsay rule (hearsay evidence) do or do not apply to potential searches.

Your memo must be at least two pages in length. This assignment does not need to adhere to APA format.


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