HIST-2702 Midterm Paper on the British Empire: 7 pages minimum (3.5 Double Spaced, 12 point font)

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HIST-2702 Midterm Paper on the British Empire: 7 pages minimum (3.5 Double Spaced, 12 point font)
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In one 7 page minimum, typed double-spaced, well- written and proofread essay answer the question presented below (PDF OF SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS AND DETAILS ATTACHED). In this paper you are making an argument, thus your paper should have an introduction, and a THESIS STATEMENT. YOU MUST use the films (A History of Britain: “Nations” & “the Wrong Empire”); Linda Colley’s book “Captives”, documents from Canvas (ATTACHED BELOW), the Dalziel Atlas to back up your argument. Use specific examples from all of these materials to do this! I recommend you sit down with the question and prepare all the evidence you wish to use to formulate the answer in an outline (USE TURBIAN2009.PDF FOR CITATION FORMAT + Footnotes are the ONLY form of citation allowed, i.e. NO MLA in-text parenthetical references!).

The Question:

– Many people look at the British Empire and think of a strong, centrally governed, organized, powerful Empire of white British emigrants, ruled by a homogenous, peaceful home country, with the King in Britannia ruling the waves (and the rest of the world). The British ideally feared no one, ensconced in splendid safety on their home islands, and viewed themselves as the ‘free-est people in the world.’ Their national anthem Rule Britannia (1740) communicates that, with the phrase ‘Britons ne’er ever e’er shall be slaves!” In this view Britons left, voluntarily settled abroad to great welcome from the locals, made their fortune, and fearlessly dominated all other peoples they encountered, along with moving people where they needed them.

– Based on Colley and all of the class materials from the quarter so far, is this view accurate? Yes, or no?

– Consider how the Internal Empire and the First Empire (i.e. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, India, the West Indies, and the North American colonies to 1830) were acquired, populated, ruled, justified, and integrated into the Empire. (Who, what, where, when, why, and how?) Backup your argument with specific examples from all the materials.


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