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The U.S. conflict in Vietnam lasted throughout three American

presidencies. The original goal was to contain communism and keep its

principles out of South Vietnam. Initially, U.S. soldiers were sent to

Vietnam as military advisors to the South Vietnamese during the Kennedy

administration. The conflict escalated during the Johnson

administration and more U.S. troops were sent into active battles. It

was not until the Nixon administration that U.S. troops were pulled out

of Vietnam. Consider Kennedy’s reasons for sending military advisors

to Vietnam, Johnson’s reasons for escalating war and Nixon’s reasons

for pulling the U.S. out of Vietnam? Each administration had strategic

political and military objectives.

Based on the United States government’s political and military objectives, do you think the Vietnam War was considered a success? Did the U.S. and South Vietnam win the war?

In an essay of approximately 500 words, give reasons either for or against the belief that it was a success. Your essay should include reference to the reasons (both military and political) that each president decided to increase or decrease U.S. involvement in the conflict.

Feel free to use a search information to find more opinions about whether or not the U.S. was successful in Vietnam. Use key words such as: United States, win, Vietnam, success. The final opinion must be your own.


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