History of Chocolate | Get Quick Solution

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History of Chocolate | Get Quick Solution
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Hello! I need 8 mini-essays, at least 500 words each on the History of Chocolate. Each essay deals with a different aspect of the history of chocolate. Each of the 8 essays has unique sources that are required to be used in their respective essays. They need to be used to develop an argument in the essay. Each of the sources for each essay have a particular theme and the essay should reflect this. For example, one essay should be about: Chocolate origins: The cacao tree and Mesoamerican ancestors, and the sources for that essay will all relate to different parts of that theme.There also needs to be a bibliography of the sources used at the end of each of the essays.

I have uploaded all of the sources that must be used on Google drive and organized them into folders that are titled after 1 of the 8 themes. I have also created a glossary of the exact parts of the sources that need to be used (some sources only have sections within them that must be used, not the entire source. The glossary is titled, “Pages to Use.”

Remember, each essay must be at least 500 words, offer an argument and use the sources related to the theme to prove that argument.

Link to Google Drive (Sources and Glossary): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s6RMr61J3U…


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