History of Photography—–Reading Response | Get Quick Solution

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History of Photography—–Reading Response | Get Quick Solution
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1. All students should look at videos 7-10 in the George Eastman House series below. They are on the platinum print, pigment processes, the Woodburytype, and the gelatin silver process. https://www.eastman.org/photographic-processes-video-series (链接到外部网站。) Write a paragraph about your favorite part of them describing the process and why you chose it.

2. All students should read and respond to the reading for this week which is Robert Hirsch’s “New Ways of Visualizing Time and Space: The Inadequacy of Human Vision,” 131-136. In Seizing the Light, A Social History of Photography. Second edition. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2009 which is attached: Hirsch, Robert_Muybridge_Visualizing Time and Space(1).pdf

For your response, please describe 2 ideas or developments discussed by the author (tell me the who, what, where, when and why of each) and discuss why you think that idea or development was significant and why it particularly interested you. Remember to put the relevant pages in parenthesis in your response whenever you quote or paraphrase from the excerpt.


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