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Homework discussion help | Get Quick Solution
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  1. Respond to posts A & B with at least 3 additional questions they might ask during their interviews.

A.) Based on the reading assignment, the factors that I think would be necessary to accomplish these three outcomes in order to ask the questions in this initial meeting, regardless of the setting are going through the interview. I would ask questions about the background of each client. This means “gathering as much information as one can for data, this is for documentation purposes in order to keep track of all clients”(Woodside, Marianne, Tricia McClam, 2018). Such s researching subjects pertaining to the individual and effective strategies. The next question I would ask is ways the client I can assist from preventing the situation from happening again. By researching the root cause of the issues and dissecting ways by working together with the client to help resolve it. The next question I would ask would be what the client’s daily life style schedule is like. This will provide me with an idea of different strategies that I can use to be of best assistance to the client. As well as recording the data needed while going through the process of interview with the client. The last question I would ask is what the client’s living condition is like. This Proceed with this process I must evaluate the clients living conditions in order to determine the accurate resolution.


Woodside, Marianne, Tricia McClam. (2018). Generalist Case Management: A Method of Human Service Delivery. Fifth Edition. Boston, MA. Cengage Learning.

B.) Principles and goals of case management: Integration of services, continuity of care, equal access to services/advocacy, quality care, client empowerment, self-determination, and evaluation

-To you, what does empowerment mean and how can that be beneficial to the client?

-How do you make sure the client has equal access to services?

Three components of case management: Case review, report writing & documentation, and client participation

-What percentage of your job involved writing reports and documenting things?

-How do you involve the client in managing their own case?

Four methods of service delivery: One-step comprehensive center, interdisciplinary team, psychosocial rehabilitation center, and crisis response

-Would you say you work as a team with your coworkers to accomplish the client’s goals?

-If someone comes to you with a crisis, needing quick help, do you follow up or let them come back to you if they need further assistance?

Roles: Advocate, broker, coordinator, consultant, cost-containment strategist, counselor, planner, problem solver, record keeper

-How many consults [opinions from experts] do you get, on average, per client?

-Do you feel like an adequate problem solver when it comes to working with multi-problem clients?

Three phases of case management: Assessment, planning, implementation

-What makes a client eligible for the services you offer?

-How quickly does implementation take place once the planning is complete?


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