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Homework discussion response | Get Quick Solution
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Respond to this post in one paragraph by adding value of what you like about the post and advance the discussion of the topic in one paragraph.

There are many roles that case managers take on. The advocate role is someone that represents the client when no one listens and displays their interests (Woodside, n.d.). They help the client to gain access to different services or improve the quality of services that the client is already getting (Woodside, n.d.). An example of an advocate is getting a service to create an individualized program for a client that isn’t benefitting from the original one. Another role is cost-containment strategist and they tend to advocate for clients as well. They also match the resources available to what suits the clients needs at the time (Woodside, n.d.). A cost-containment strategist can determine how money is allocated to an individual once they leave care. The client’s needs may change regularly but with help from the client and their family, the counselor role can determine what aspects of their current situation help to make the client progress (Woodside, n.d.). The counselor may have weekly meetings with the client to make sure they are staying on track with their goals. Another role that is concerned with the quality of services, like the advocate, is the broker (Woodside, n.d.). The broker also is similar to the cost-containment role because they link services to the client as well (Woodside, n.d.). The broker can link clients with people that may help, such as, a therapist, a psychiatrist, and even housing services.

The problem solver role works with clients to help make them self-sufficient, so that they do not have to rely on the case management system forever (Woodside, n.d.). Problem solving is a continuous process because problems can pop up out of nowhere. The problem solver often finds goals that interest the client and help them to reach them over time. The problems may be hard to identify though, causing the consultant role to surface. The consultant is typically an outside professional that is an expert and that can help find the problem and recommend solutions for it (Woodside, n.d.). That is not the only outside professional that case managers work with. Being in the coordinator role, case managers work “with other professionals and agency staff to ensure services are integrated and to expediate service” (Woodside, n.d.). The coordinator can plan long-term care after a client gets out of an inpatient service. The planner role helps prepare for whatever the client needs, service or treatment (Woodside, n.d.). The client may be in jail and needing resources for when they get out, the planner would meet with them before to assess and determine their needs. The record keeper ties all of these roles together by documenting all information about the client (Woodside, n.d.). The record keeper may have detailed notes in a computer system.

There are four ways that case management services are delivered. A one-stop comprehensive center is the first way. It is a continuum of services that are also present within the community (Woodside, n.d.). A helper is the one that delivers this type of service and an example would be mental health programs. The second way services are delivered is an interdisciplinary team. This focuses on multiple problems. Family and friends often deliver this service. The third delivery system is a psychosocial rehabilitation center. Volunteers help out here and the main focus is rehabilitation. An example would be a inpatient or residential care facility. The final delivery of services is crisis response. This falls primarily on the client and is short term. An example would be a crisis line.


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