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Homework questions | Get Quick Solution
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200 words each with atleast one reference. Place reference under each answer before moving on to the next question.

1) Countries that are involved in war become better in terms of the specific weaknesses they faced before? Do you think it matters whether they won or lost the war? For example, the U.S. military is generally credited with vast improvements after the Vietnam war.

2) Hezbollah and the government of Syria have the support of Iran. Do you think is it a fair assumption that Syria could make stronger alliance with Iran which would help Syria rebuild the Syrian state despite sanctions with both states having growing support for Hezbollah? Also, do you see that as China grows more influential in world politics it will be able to reduce the effect of sanctions?

3) If there is one thing that war can have a large effect on it is security as a whole. True or false? Explain.


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