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Homework response case management | Get Quick Solution
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Respond to this post in one paragraph by adding value of what you like about the post and advance the discussion of the topic in one paragraph no reference needed.

The role of a rehabilitation case manager involves planning and problem solving to support clients needs, this often means coordinating services with other agencies to provide services for the client, such as the client in the text, who had limitations and would not be able to return home without further services. The case manager was able to set up meal delivery, in-home healthcare and keep her socially active in the community also provided long term services to the client Woodside & McClam 2018, pg.71). Similar to the previous case management style is the services provided by the housing services for HIV/AIDS clients. This agency also provided integrated services such as vocational rehab and housing that offers long-term care(Woodside & McClam 2018, p. 72). This type of case management differs from that of a parole officer who interaction with the parolee is limited in order to maintain ethical boundaries. Another difference is the parole officer tells the parolee what they will need to do, verses having an agreement of goals or expectations. The limited interaction between the parole officer and the parolee leaves the client responsible for his success or fate. According to Woodside & McClam (2018), “The [role of a] parole officer is primarily a record keeper, monitor, and problem solver”(p. 72).

2. The differences in the four methods of case management is how and who delivers the service. The first service delivery is provided by a One-stop comprehensive center were the client can receive multiple services within the agency. An example of comprehensive case management is the Wisconsin Model Approach for W-2 clients. According to Woodside and McClam (2018), “In a comprehensive case management method, families involved in W-2 with substance abuse issues are to receive individualized wraparound services”(p.75). The care from the facility should use interventions that strengthens the family interaction within the community and while delivery individual services.

The second method is an interdisciplinary team whose role is to provide multi-services to clients who have more than one need. The teams have different types of providers such as caseworker, nurse and counselor to managed the services and add on as needed. This type of care is often provided for people with mental health issues to assist each participant with their individual needs. This type of service Woodside and McClam (2018), wrote is given by the “Community Mental Health Teams in the United Kingdom”(p.77).

The third method is the Psychosocial rehabilitation center that provides further care to help a client who has experience trauma that cause a need to alternate the daily way of living. Such as the example in the text, John had severe head trauma which caused him to have learn how to adjust his living, obtain new skills, and learn how to care for himself with assistance (Woodside and McClam 2018, p.77). Through vocational assessments the center was able to determine what type of goals to set for John rehabilitation. The center coordinates services that will help clients achieve independent skills that lead to the client being able to take care of themselves including employment.

The final method is crisis response, in which delivery of services is immediate and short-term. A domestic violence shelter would deliver this type of temporary care for women and children. Case management involved at the shelter would include providing temporary housing, help in obtaining orders of protection, assist the family in replacing documents they may have left behind, as well as other needs. Domestic violence shelters provide multiple methods of service delivery. According to Woodside and McClam (2018), ” The services range from crisis support to more comprehensive, one-stop, long-term care”(p, 78).


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