how immigration plays role in Canada | Get Quick Solution

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how immigration plays role in Canada | Get Quick Solution
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Essay Proposal
Essay Proposal
The research paper proposal is an opportunity to get feedback on your ideas, sources and structure for your research paper. See the description of the research paper (below) for further guidelines. The paper proposal is a 3-4 page document that includes:
• Your draft thesis (argument) and introduction
• A bullet point outline of your paper
• o What are your main sections?

• o Approximately how long will each part be?

• o What are the topic sentences/sub-arguments for each section?
• Problems you expect to encounter (trouble finding sources, too much

information, time management) and how you might address them.
You will be evaluated based on the extent to which you meet these criteria. Further details of the assignment will be discussed in class. You will not be held to your outline (i.e. if your research paper is slightly different this is okay, papers evolve as we work on them), but it is a valuable opportunity to get feedback towards a strong paper.

It should include Canadian Article Section you re talking about

Atleast should have 5 takeaways

And Canadian Issue and Canadian Articles

Everything should be cited

Nothing should be from wikipedia.
You can definitely use it for reference. But, it should not be solely based from there.

Section means canadian rights about
Topic should be massive.

This can be used for ref


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