How Influencers Shape Your Individuality | Get Quick Solution

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How Influencers Shape Your Individuality | Get Quick Solution
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Refer to the concepts in Chapter 4 of Becoming a Critical Thinker.For this assignment, you will write a 3-5 page essay with a focus on your influencers. As we grow and mature, and travel through life, we meet others who influence us along the way.These influencers shape our individuality.They help to make us who we are.Additionally, reflect on the Four Empowering Attitudes in your essay.

  • Make a list of three or four people who have influenced you.
  • Explain the specific effect of their influence.(For example: My mother told me not take to candy from strangers.Her warnings caused me to be wary of meeting or paying attention to strangers.)Provide some less obvious influences, too.
  • Indicate how each of these people has effected your individuality (based on Chapter 4 in Becoming a Critical Thinker).

Be sure to include the Four Empowering Attitudes in your essay.Address each one of these and provide your thoughts.


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