HREQ3680- Racism in Canada | Browse Homework

Drawing on the lecture notes and the lecture slides discuss and answer the following question. Make sure to be critically analytical and concise in your discussion and answer. Answer needs to be about 1 page in length.
Q: What is it exactly that Bannerji objects to in Taylor’s conceptualization of multiculturalism?
Use the powerpoint below to answer the question. As well as this reading: Himani Bannerji, On the Dark Side of the Nation: Politics of Multiculturalism and The State of Canada. AKA “Rudhro don’t forget to bring samosas to the we love Multiculturalism party!” June 3, 2011 (York University/Omni library). USE THIS READING AND POWERPOINT!!!!

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HREQ3680- Racism in Canada | Browse Homework
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