HTS 3075 Picturing Sport Assignment | Get Quick Solution

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HTS 3075 Picturing Sport Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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What is the purpose of this assignment?

1) To inspire students to think historically and to better understand the process of making history.

2) To inspire students to recognize how history can be used to better understand both the past and the present

3) To allow students to practice communicating their ideas in clear and accessible writing.

4) To advance student understanding on the nature of sport history and the history of sport at Georgia Tech

In 2-3 introductory paragraphs, introduce and describe the 2 photos you have selected, making sure to note sources and explain key information that will assist the reader in understanding what they are looking at (e.g., names, teams, sports, time periods, sport programs). Explain the significance of the 2 images and why the reader should be interested in reading more.

In the body paragraphs (roughly pages 2-4) the goal is to push beyond a purely descriptive mode and into an analytical framework. To do this, focus on the earliest photograph and create connections to its broader historical moment. You must draw on at least 2 scholarly secondary sources, including books or academic journal articles. How are wider historical, economic, and political forces (e.g. desegregation, WWII, the civil right movement, feminism, Title IX, etc.) shaping the sporting culture captured in the photo you selected?


In addition to the photographs, students will draw on digital resources provided by GT Archives including: Sport Program Guides, Blue Print (yearbooks), Bulletin and Announcements, and Alumni Magazine

Suggested secondary sources: Journal of Sport History (a journal that is available through the Georgia Tech Library) or digitalized books (also available through the library). Please consult the instructor if you would like any recommendations on key authors or themes.


3 single-sided, double-spaced pages in 12 point Times New Roman, with one-inch margins on all sides.

Thinking Historically

In order to think historically and approach your photographs as culturally, mediated artifacts consider the following tips:

– Slow down

– Observe carefully what a photograph says or shows

– Note the source of the document – who made it, where it came from

– Note questions or confusions you have – don’t dismiss them

– Draw on what you already know about the time period

– Compare other documents you have or know about, and look for agreement or disjunction

– Make a hypothesis – a guess – about the meaning of the event or place

– Figure out the type of evidence that you will need to support your hypothesis.

In order to develop a sense of social context, consider the following types of questions:

– What years or decades are most significant to your topic?

– Who are the key figures to focus on?

– What major shifts have taken place over time in relation to your topic?

– How did local, regional, national, or global events impact your topic?

– When did women become students at Georgia Tech? Has women’s involvement shaped the development of your topic?

– When did Georgia Tech desegregate? When did Georgia Tech’s athletic teams desegregate? How has the diversity of your topic changed since its origins?

– Who was Georgia Tech’s first international student? What impact (if any) have international students and student-athletes had on your topic?


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