HUm 250 Cross-Cultural Competency | Get Quick Solution

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HUm 250 Cross-Cultural Competency | Get Quick Solution
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Come up with a clear main argument/thesis about immigration to the US. Write 4-6 pages, plus a references page with 5 scholarly sources, arguing your thesis about immigration and its role in the US.

Here are some questions you can consider:

How does immigration impact the US today?

What groups are coming to the US and why?

What is the reaction of people already here?

What attempts are made to stop immigration?

How does immigration impact the US economy?

  • Use APA style.
  • Demonstrate your cross-cultural competency: Avoid assumptions, generalizations and stereotypes. Acknowledge diversity within groups. Acknowledge and balance your own biases.
  • Back up each claim you make with historical evidence.
  • Address counterarguments.

Edit and proofread your paper.

Submit your paper.


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