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In June 13, 1941, President Roosevelt created the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to coordinate the U.S. intelligence effort against Nazi Germany. Roosevelt named William “Wild Bill” Donovan, a Wall Street lawyer and World War I hero, to head the office with a handful of agents. The organizing goal of the OSS Program was to improve the intelligence agent selection process by creating a scientifically sound approach to selection.
Read the ppt, and answer following questions
. Did the rigor and sophistication of the 1940s OSS selection process surprise you? What do you think are the best qualities of the OSS selection process?
2. This case demonstrates the gap between what we know about evidence-based selection and actual company practice. Based on the case and the text and lecture discussion of best-practice selection procedures, what gaps do you see in your company’s section process? In other words, is your company availing itself of the advantages of best-practice selection procedures? What changes should they make?

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Human Resource Management OSS Case | Browse Homework
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