Humanitarian NGO Memo

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Humanitarian NGO Memo
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Submit a memo addressed to Dr. Raj Samrat, the leader of Saving All Lives, an international NGO that is actively engaged in the crisis in Rwanda.

  • Based on your reading about Rwanda and the lectures, select a problem that needs to be addressed by an NGO.
  • Explain the problem and suggest one or more possible solutions of how the NGO might address the problem.
  • Be sure to substantiate your statements by referring to specific passages in your readings.
  • Your work will be evaluated based on the Guidelines for Writing Memos resource available in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • The overall length of this memo should not exceed 1,000 words.

Notes from the Professor::

Dear Class,

This is the first of three weeks focused on one particular type of NGO: humanitarian. For this week’s assignment, you must write a policy memo. Please follow EXACTLY the style, format, and citations within the example memo.

Choose your NGO early in the week. I don’t know why there is a ‘Raj’ and a NGO name on the main page. Follow only the direction of the memo directions download. This includes choosing a NGO from the list provided on that sheet.

Take time to look through your chosen NGO’s Annual Reports and its expenditures. Incorporate your view on which humanitarianism (old or new) in your memo. Do not do the budget part of the memo half-heartedly. Money matters. The easy part is to come up with ideas to solve problems. The hard part is costing out your ideas, having a sense of the link between budgets and projects, and so on. While I don’t need exact numbers within the budget, I do need you to think about staffing, transport, lodging/food costs, and so on. The rest should be a breakdown of project/work/program costs. This means that while you don’t need to look up the costs of every item, you should get a ‘sense’ from searching online and/or via various project or annual reports on your NGO.

Again, the purpose of this assignment is not only to practice a certain style of writing (memo) but to also remember that the practice of NGO life costs money. The money does not come from anywhere. It is carefully calculated and managed so that the NGO is able to deliver what is promised.

Some helpReferences:

A Border Without Doctors [Letter to the editor]

This news brief marks the moment when MSF decided to leave Rwanda due to a lack of action by the international community.

.Destexhe, A. (1995, February 9).

Group Aiding Rwandans Stops, Citing Terror

I chose this article because the author describes MSF’s decision to leave Rwanda.

Group aiding Rwandans stops, citing terror. (1994, November 15).

U.N. Helps Rwandan Refugees to Return [Letter to the editor]

I chose this article because the author explains the dilemma of NGOs being seen as supporting the oppressors in ethnic crises through their humanitarian actions.

Jessen-Petersen, S. (1995, February 16).


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