I have 10 essay questions response each essay answer one of the questions based on the book ( Lori Cox Han & Caroline Heldman) 2017 | Get Quick Solution

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I have 10 essay questions response each essay answer one of the questions based on the book ( Lori Cox Han & Caroline Heldman) 2017 | Get Quick Solution
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Lori Cox Han & Caroline Heldman. (2017). Women, Power, and Politics: The Fight for Gender Equality in the United States, First Edition. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780190620240

1-Through the lens of either race, class, or sexuality, analyze the ways in which policy affects non-dominant groups of women differently than dominant groups. Apply to at least three policy areas.

2-How do different variants of feminism differ in their positions on sex work, sexual objectification, and the wage gap? For each area, compare at least two types of feminism and focus on ways in which they differ on their views on the issue.

3-How do political party and political ideology affect outcomes related to gender and politics? Describe ways in which political parties have affected the progress or lack thereof of women AND the links between conservative and liberal ideology to issues related to gender and politics.

4-What are the main internal and external barriers to women in positions of political power at legislative, judicial, and executive levels?

5-Discuss the representation of women in political office through an intersectional lens. What are the trends in representation at the state and national level, and what are two explanations for why these trends exist?

6-Why have women been more successful moving into the judiciary than legislative or executive elected positions?

7-In what ways do the news AND popular media perpetuate negative stereotypes of both women candidates and women politicians?

8-What is the place of the Equal Rights Amendment in the women’s movement? Explain how the ERA relates to different veins of feminism, what explains the failure of the ERA to pass, AND the effect of the failure of the ERA on policies related to women.

9-What are the similarities and differences in policy change across different policy areas? Select two different policy areas and explain how policy change over time has been related, and ways in which the processes or outcomes differed. In your analysis, explain WHY there would be these similarities or differences based on course material.

10-What are the causes and policy solutions related to problems of gendered violence in America? Discuss what the causes and policy solutions have been, AND analyze how effective current policy is in dealing with the problem. In your answer, reflect on course material from Katz, the textbook, and policy presentations on policies related to gendered violence, including domestic violence, sexual harassment, and/or sexual assault.


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