I have added the attachment with the information on the 4 states.

I need help with a Political Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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I have added the attachment with the information on the 4 states.
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You are to write a short (350-400 double-spaced typewritten words, approximately 3 well developed paragraphs) critical essay in which you analyze the statistical information you have uncovered in the four previous research exercises. How do your four states compare on the basis of this data? What are the primary problems confronting the future of these four countries? You should select two different variables to analyze, comparing and contrasting the data at your disposal. You must submit this fifth research exercise as a Word document email attachment by Monday, February 17, 2020. In order to be fair to your classmates, no late research exercise essays will be accepted.

Guidelines for your essays:

1. You are to provide proper citations for each source you utilize in your essay. Failure to provide proper citations will result in you having to resubmit drafts until correct citations are included.

2. Essays less than 350 words in length will not be given full credit. Essays of less than 300 words length will receive a zero for this assignment. Be sure you write the specified length essay.

3. You must create (not cut and paste) an Excel Chart (not a table) that graphically illustrates one of the empirical comparisons contained in your essay.

4. Before you turn in a final draft you should ask yourself if your essay meets the criteria listed on the written communication rubric distributed with course materials.

5. Failure to submit this assignment will have a negative effect on your grade as stipulated on page two of the course syllabus. Please make sure you fulfill all aspects of this important learning activity.


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