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I need a paragraph similar to this | Get Quick Solution
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The document “Religions in Africa” gives an in-depth overview of how Africa interacted Christianity and Islam in the past two hundred years. The author begins the article by explaining the basics behind religions like Christianity and Islam. He later talks about the roots of religion in Africa and how some of the religions were structured. Hansen states, “ In some contexts, religious specialists were mediums who could call spirits; in others they were prophets who merely received messages, and in still others they were diviners who could foretell the future” (Hansen 104). In this context is shows that there is “no “pure” form of any religion exists.” As Hansen stated earlier in the passage. Later, Hansen delves into what is fading away these roots of the religions of the ancient continent, that being Christianity and Islam. Christianity in Africa began in the lower Nile Valley but was slowed by the conquests of Islam in the seventh century. Christianity later hit a surge of followers when, “Rulers of Axum, a highland Ethiopian state and regional commercial power, converted to Christianity in the fourth century CE (Hansen 109-110). As for Islam, Africa has had a much longer history. Most of the religion of Islam is through the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad. Hansen states, “Africa was involved in the history of Islam from the time of the Prophet Muhammad, who reportedly sent some members of the early Muslim community to the highlands Ethiopian state of Axum for refuge from Arabian opponents of the faith” (Hansen 114). Since Africa a large part of Islam nearly at Islam’s inception many Africans are Muslim. Hansen states, “The number of Muslims in Africa also grew to more than 450 million, over 25 percent of the global Muslim community” (Hansen 103). But the number of Christians was also a significant number at “the number of Christians in Africa grew from less than 10 million to 470 million, more than 20 percent of the world Christian community”. Overall the involvement of Christianity and Islam in Africa was very significant but the ways of the ancient continent have held on as these religions have changed the way many Africans think.


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