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I need an answer to the response below | Get Quick Solution
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Effective communication is an important skill to have in every occupation. Effective communication is defined depending on the type of message that is being conveyed. The example e-mail is asking about past due reviews, the author includes a polite greeting, but the tone of the rest of the e-mail is disrespectful and rude. Because the tone is negative the message is unlikely to be received well. I have personally received e-mails with a negative tone and am immediately put off and do not want to respond at all. When writing effective communications you have to put yourself in the reader’s shoes, how would you react if you received this e-mail?.

To make this e-mail more effective I would start out by empathizing with the reader and then politely remind them about the past due reviews and how important they are. Because the message is negative I would us the indirect method, which is starting out cordially to soften the impact of the negative message and then delivering the message. It’s important to be polite when the message is negative. It’s also important to be specific when making a request from the reader. In the e-mail the author just stated they wanted the reviews as soon as possible. They should have stated a specific day to have them completed by. The author did include a way to reach them if there were any questions which is an important aspect. Whether the message is positive or negative the tone should always be polite and respectful.

I just need a quick answer and a question to the response above.


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