i need for this week a discussion and response 2 classmate and an assignment (journal)

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i need for this week a discussion and response 2 classmate and an assignment (journal)
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Week 2 Journal

JournalClick for more options

Journal 2 – DREAMS

To submit your assignment, please click-on the Week 2 Journal title above.

Your Assignment

Please read the section titled “Dreams – A Royal Road?” on pages 172 -174 in your text. This section discusses theories on dreams, the history of dream interpretation, the most common characteristics of dreams, and the meaning of dreams.

You can also look over these websites:

For this week’s Journal entry, please answer the following questions. Be sure to include factual, properly cited information in your post.

Write about a dream that really made an impact on you. It can be a recurring dream, a scary dream, a happy dream, or an especially vivid dream. What do these websites say about the interpretation of your dream? Do you feel these interpretations are accurate? What do you think is the meaning behind this dream?


  1. Write at least 200 words about this topic.
  2. Make sure to cite at least one source in your journal article using APA style. The source may be your text or any other source you research.
  3. Submit your assignment using the Week 2 Journal link above.

Grading Grid (Journal/Assignment):

Writing displays adequate content and at least 200 words, word count posted 70 70
Reference is cited 10 10
APA format is used 10 10
Spelling and Grammar 10 10
TOTAL 100 100/100

linked item Week 2 Discussion Forum


This is our second discussion and it ends 11:59pm Sunday night, February 23rd. To avoid having points deducted from your grade, please submit your first post by 11:59pm Thursday night.

Please read about memory in Chapter 7 of your textbook.

Please answer any of the following questions regarding memory — you can pick and choose among them, or just answer one:

What is your earliest memory? Why do you think it stands-out in your mind?

What do you consider your most vivid memory (for instance, a car crash you were in)?

Have you ever had any false memories — you clearly remember something, but others that were present insist it never happened?

Do you and your siblings or people you grew-up with have different memories over the same events or situations?

Do you have any memories that automatically enter your mind whenever you experience a particular smell?

When you are not around, how do you want people to remember you?

What is one situation or event you experienced that you believe has changed over time in your memory — or you have heard someone tell a story, and you’ve noticed that the telling has changed over time?


1.) 3 posts per discussion
2.) First post must be at least 200 words
3.) Second post must be at least 150 words
4.) Third post must be at least 150 words
5.) First post must be submitted by 11:59pm Thursday

6.) First post must contain at least one source


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