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History of Rock Music Name_________________________

Worksheet 4

1. What was the Nashville sound in 1960s country music? How did it compare to earlier country styles, and who were the artists associated with it?

2. Describe the range of musical styles that Ray Charles blended in his work. What is the relationship between Ray Charles’s music and the soul music of the 1960s?

3. Discuss the musical style of James Brown. What musical elements were emphasized in his music? What elements were less important? How did James Brown use his music to make political statements?

4. How did Aretha Franklin’s style of music and recording change when she moved from Columbia Records to Atlantic Records? How did she change the image and role of the female singer in the 1960s?

5. What made Bob Dylan stand out among the many folk singers in the early 1960s? How did Dylan’s fans react to his decision to play electric music? Why all the fuss?

6. Name some of the bands associated with the Counterculture movement in the 1960s. Where was this Counterculture first born and how did LSD play a major role in its development?

7. Describe the vocal style of Janis Joplin. Who were her influences?

8. How did the musical and production style of the Beatles change after they stopped touring in 1966? Why did they stop touring to begin with?

9. List some of the key features of late 1960s power trios. Who were some of the pioneers in this rock genre?

10. Where did Jimi Hendrix first make it big in the music world? What are some things he is most well-known for?

11. What inspired the development of “back to basics” Roots Rock? How did Roots Rock differ from other rock genres of the late 60s and early 70s?


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