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Submit the completed rough draft of your Prospectus here. Please make sure this is formatted in MLA (follow style and citation guidelines), and make sure to post your submission as a Word doc. or Google doc. as a PDF file.
After your title, this draft should include the following sections ALL LISTED as subheadings in your paper – here is a link to the example of how this should look before submitting your draft – Clean Example Prospectus without comments<link. Download Clean Example Prospectus without comments<link.
1. Introduction (Includes your research question at the end)
2. Benefits for the Audience (Details the importance of your research to a specific and ideal audience)
3. Basis for Research (Explains why you chose this topic to research – why it matters to you)
4. Review of Research (Complete a review of 4 sources with title and author, summary of each, and finding examples of ethos, pathos, or logos, with a statement at the end that suggests how this source will help support or answer your research question).
5. Works Cited page (List of sources in alphabetical order in MLA format)
Your Final Draft will be based on the feedback I provide for this draft, and will be due next week (Week 12), so look for the feedback I offer on this rough draft submission before making your revisions for the final draft of the Prospectus. I will send an announcement when I have the feedback for this rough draft completed.

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I need help with english | Browse Homework Help
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