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I need help with this question | Get Quick Solution
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These are terms we encountered during our second class session, essentialism as being linked more closely with our idea of ‘self,’ and innate sense of being, as opposed to constructivism being more closely linked to the ‘subject,’ or an externally-developed sense of being. It’s a topic Nealon & Giroux discuss on page 181. Think in terms of our concepts for this section, in particular: Gender, sex, compulsory heterosexuality, the lesbian continuum, the ‘angel in the house,’ sisterhood, the woman’s sentence, and l’ecriture feminine. Apply these various concepts in connection with this concept of ‘self’ and ‘subject,’ or ‘essentialism’ and ‘constructivism.’ Again: Examples and explanations!

It just needs to be a couple hundred words that is all so not to long.


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