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I need help writing an essay | Get Quick Solution
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To begin this assignment, compose your Essay 2 by addressing the following requirements:

  1. Choose a topic } Social Media or College Education.
  2. Write a Thesis Statement that establishes a cause/effect relationship and uses qualifiers as needed to ensure that no absolute claims are made.
  3. Offer clear, fully-developed body paragraphs, making sure that the reader can see the relationship between the causes(s) and effect(s).
  4. Remember that the purpose of the analysis is to answer the questions of “What?” and “Why?” (sometimes, it can also answer“How?”).
  5. Make use of transitions.
  6. Ensure that all borrowed material, quotes and summaries, from the source essays is parenthetically cited to avoid plagiarism.
  7. Offer bibliographic citations for any essays you choose to use (it is not required that you use any) in the Works Cited at the end of the paper.
  8. Write 800+ words.
  9. This essay will be submitted to our Plagiarism Checker.


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