I need help writing my essay

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I need help writing my essay
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For your first paper you will be required to write an essay at least 9 pages long using in

depth research to craft a persuasive argument. Choose a topic to research to gain a clear

understanding of its history, and how the topic has changed over time. Use your outside

evidence drawn from articles, news reports, internet sources, documentaries, interview, etc. to

education your readers about the subject. Your main objective for this essay is to explain how

your range of evidence works to prove a specific point about your subject. How can you

interpret and analyze the logical, ethical, and emotional evidence you have to make readers agree

with your thesis? How do you want readers to think, discuss, or act differently regarding your


Your essay needs to be clear and unified under your thesis. Make sure to include specific

evidence from your outside sources you read, to show how and why your sources support your

thesis. Use your own original ideas about your topic in conjunction with your outside evidence

to support your thesis. Make sure to review the section in your textbook on proper MLA citation

for any quotes or paraphrases you use from your outside source.

This essay will be scanned using the Vericite program to check for plagiarism. To avoid

losing points for partial plagiarism or the entire essay receiving a 0, make sure to properly

document all outside sources as you use them in your paragraphs and in your work cited page.

Whether paraphrasing or quoting a source, make sure to cite it. Make sure to upload your essay

only once to avoid inaccurate scans of your essay.


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