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I need someone to write me an essay for my English class | Get Quick Solution
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In your first paragraph, you will summarize Choi’s article. In the next paragraph, you will explain the genre, audience, and purpose of her article. Finally, in the third paragraph (or maybe third and fourth), you will respond insightfully to these questions: What are one or two main ideas that the author presents about the relationship between food and culture? Briefly provide one of the examples or the explanation that the author presents to support that main idea(s). You may comment on the idea or explanation and what you’ve learned, but that part is not required. Provide an example from a culture that you are familiar with that is either similar or different than Choi’s explanation. Be sure to explain how it is or is not similar. You can do both, but you can focus on just similar or just different if you want to. Respond in one or two paragraphs.

I’m gonna put the requirement of the essay file you can check it out. Also, I will put the summery that I did before so you can put it in the first paragraph you can add more to my summery if you want.

I also put the article on the file so you can use it to help you do the essay. THANK YOU!!


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