I need these 4 Questions answered

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I need these 4 Questions answered
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Question 1

There has been a significant change over the last few years in the way people view police activity. This has been the result of police-involved shootings, some police misconduct, media, and some inciters interested in creating division. Without getting into specific cases or taking a side on this issue, discuss how this current environment could affect the way a criminal investigation, specifically a homicide, is conducted. Your thoughts and opinions should be supported with outside research. Be sure to cite your resources.

Question 2

Utilize Internet search engines to identify an incident involving corruption or misconduct involving a criminal justice professional. Provide a brief summary of the incident (don’t forget to cite your source). In your opinion, why did this incident occur? Potential explanations include:

1) Unique personality characteristics of the criminal justice professional;

2) Organizational explanations (e.g., the culture within a department/agency, an ineffective disciplinary system, etc.);

3) Societal explanations (e.g., the message society sends to criminal justice professionals regarding their perceived role, etc.).

Additionally, provide suggestions regarding steps that can be taken to reduce the possibility that this type of misconduct will occur in the future.

Remember to cite your supportive resources.

Question 3

The website www.crimesolutions.gov offers a wealth of research and sources for criminal justice students.

Choose either “PROGRAMS AT A GLANCE” or “PRACTICES AT A GLANCE” that you see on the homepage. You will notice that the website rates the programs/practices as having NO EFFECTS, PROMISING or EFFECTIVE. Choose 1 “NOT EFFECTS” and 1 “EFFECTIVE” practice or program, conduct an informal “compare/contrast” analysis, then respond to these question:

a. Briefly provide the title and describe your 2 choices from “programs” or “practices” (provide web links to each article).

b. Which one was rated “NO EFFECTS” and why?

c. Which one was rated “EFFECTIVE” and why?

c. What is your overall impression of the www.crimesolutions.gov rating system?

Answer each part of the Discussion Question thoroughly and substantively, citing sources for any assertions.

Question 4

In your readings this week, we begin discussing mental health issues, practices and approaches in addressing delinquency. As we’ve covered waivers and age of culpability, this week’s readings/discussions should hopefully provide more insight into how we should address juveniles who suffer from mental health illnesses, to include trauma, etc.

  • In reviewing the readings, you will see that a high number of adolescents adjudicated suffering from mental disorders, substance abuse issues and some aspect of trauma. Knowing this, do you feel that the juvenile justice system/courts does an adequate job in addressing those areas?
  • Understanding that juveniles do suffer from various aspects of trauma, addiction or mental disorders, how much do you purport that goes into dispositions (sentencing). Further, if such areas are identified, should juveniles be then treated differently? Aren’t adult offenders who are deemed mentally disabled (depending on disorder/medication/tx, etc.) viewed differently in the eyes of the court?
  • What is your analysis in how the authors conveyed mental health, trauma, etc. in reference to juvenile delinquency? Do you purport that even with some trauma, other aspects contribute to delinquency?


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