I want a tutor to write a 2 page essay about a song that inspires social change by tomorrow at friday at 11:59 P.M | Get Quick Solution

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I want a tutor to write a 2 page essay about a song that inspires social change by tomorrow at friday at 11:59 P.M | Get Quick Solution
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Prompt: Choose one song that tackles any social issue and discuss the effectiveness of its message.

Further details:You will include no more than one reference to provide support about the history or background of the societal problem. The essay should include yourown detailed interpretation of the song and should discuss the persuasive impact on audiences. Please do not consult any outside sources for your song analysis; the analysis should be yours alone. Follow MLA formatting rules.

Length:2-3 pages (Works Cited will be your 4th or 5th page, depending on length)

Students will learn to:

• Develop and implement a writing process

• Demonstrate an awareness of persuasive tools in songs including, ethos, pathos and logos

• Practice active reading strategies

• Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis

• Find and use credible research

• Follow MLA formatting rules for academic writing and research

• Organize an essay with a thesis statement, topic sentences, supporting evidence and transitions

• Embed a quotation following MLA rules

• Avoid punctuation pitfalls: run-ons, fragments, missing commas, misplaced semi-colons.

• Employ a variety of sentence types and lengths

• Use the literary present tense when analyzing the song lyrics

See Online Syllabus for due dates:

• Complete draft for small-groupWriting Workshop on Zoom (20 points on rubric).

• Final copy due by 11:59pm to Canvas on due date.

Song Analysis Rubric and Checklist



Content: Background and Analysis (40 points)

• Includes relevant background/historical information from at least one credible source

• Provides thoughtful, original analysis of the song (do NOT consult outside sources), clearly addressing the prompt

• Demonstrates an awareness of persuasive strategies, including ethos, pathos, logos

• Reveals close reading/critical thinking, including artist’s use of imagery/figurative language

Organization and Style (20 points)

• Embeds quotations correctly following MLA rules (no more than 1 or 2 per paragraph)

• Uses consistent present tense during song analysis

• Writes a clear thesis statement that addresses the prompt

• Includes an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion

• Develops paragraphs that follow a logical format (Claim-Evidence-Commentary) with clear topic sentences

• Transitions between ideas using transitional words/phrases

Grammar/Mechanics (20 points)

• Follows MLA formatting rules for heading, title, spacing, font, font size

• Follows MLA rules for Works Cited and in-text citations

• Uses author and title punctuation and capitalization correctly

• Has minimal problems with the following errors: run-ons, fragments, missing commas, and misplaced semi-colons

Workshop Participation (20 points)

• Student participates with a full draft in the Zoom Writing Workshop.

• If absent for Zoom workshop with peers, student shows proof of online Writing Center visit or electronic sharing and responding with 2 or more classmates. This option may be used only once per semester.


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