I want four pages essay

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I want four pages essay
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A comparison/contrast essay analyzes two things to explore how they are similar and/or how they are different.

Sometimes there is a difference between our expectations and the reality of a situation. Reality may exceed our expectations, or it may fall short of them. At other times, the reality of a situation is exactly how we thought it would be. Think about the questions below, and then choose one of them as the inspiration for your essay.

1) How does your life in the U.S. compare with the way you imagined it would be when you first decided to move here? Is it different than you thought it would be, or is it exactly how you expected it to be?


2) The U.S. is considered by many to be the “land of opportunities,” but is it really? Does the U.S. offer more opportunities than your native country?

Write an essay to be read by an international audience of college-educated professionals who are considering immigrating to the U.S. in which you address one of the questions above. Your essay should engage your audience as you illustrate the similarities and/or differences between your expectations and the reality of life in the U.S.

Make sure that your essay demonstrates careful consideration of the rhetorical situation, especially your audience and purpose.

Your essay must be 3 full pages in length and in correct MLA format.


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