I want someone to do my essay about “California Politics” | Get Quick Solution

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I want someone to do my essay about “California Politics” | Get Quick Solution
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write essays of 4 to 5 paragraphs each on four of the following questions. all the question will be in blow and you have to chose 4 questions to do the essay and i want you to put the question in bold. You may use information or insights from the short guide your instructor shared, “California Politics: A Brief Introduction with Suggested Online Resources.” You may also use information from high-quality periodicals, such as the San Diego Union-Tribune or Los Angeles Times. and i will put the resources in blow. fainlly i wnat you to put from where you get the informations

If you want to use this pdf book http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/webpub/history/roa..


1. 2020 California Election. What do you see on the ballot this year that is especially important for the future of our state? Please discuss two issues or candidates you see (not presidential candidates). Relate them to concepts or information you have seen in your course reading.

2. California Government. What did you learn from the guide to “California Politics”? How do you see the guide relating to the history we have studied earlier in the course? Discuss three particular ways your understanding of California government has grown.

3.California’s Democracy. How does democracy work in our state? Comment on various factors such as political organizations, campaigning, and the role of interest groups. Do you think we have an effective political system, or do you think it needs some reform?

4.Public Policy. Discuss one or two issues facing our state, such as water, criminal justice, or economic development. How is state (or local) government handling this issue? Using the research links (such as Public Policy Institute of California) to add insight on the topic.

4.The Executive Branch. Why does the Governor have such an important job? Can you tell why recent governors found the job extremely difficult? Why do we have so many statewide elected offices? Do we need them all? (If you voted in 2018, you might remember these offices.)

5.The State Budget. Why does our state often have budget difficulties? Do you think our tax system could be part of the problem? Based on your reading, what would you propose we do to achieve a more stable budget that meets our needs?

6. Local Government. Why are cities, counties and school districts so important? How do local governments get funding to do the projects they are supposed to do? From your reading, do you think the local governments have too much power, not enough, or is it a good balance?


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