I want to answer to these questions In the form of a short article.

I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

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I want to answer to these questions In the form of a short article.
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Q1- Is social media making people too narcistic? Are people spending too much time attempting to appear attractive or interesting to others? Consider the amount of selfies some individiuals take and then post on Instagram or facebook, for instance what do you believe ties behind this preoccupation with self- image? Is social media becoming a problem for our society. Why or why not.

Q2- What is art? How does one define it and identify? What makes a painting by Davinci or a musical composition by Beethoven art are not a comic book or pop song? Can comic book or pop songs attain the level of art? what about certain movies? How does one determine what is art and what isn’t? what is the criteria and how is this determined for that matter, who determines it?

Q3- While raking in billions of dollars for their respective school, collegiate athletes are not paid for their work. Despite risking career- ending injuries the rationale is that they are students and not professionals. Some collegiate coaches, on the other hand, earn million- dollar salaries. Is this fair? Should certain reform be set in place? what do you think?

Q4- Reports and paparazzi are frequently if not constantly on the trail of various celebrities, including actors / actresses, politicians, and professional athletes. Do you believe that media should be allowed to hound famous celebrities? Should legislation be passed limiting this? Or do you believe this is the price of fame? Discuss your opinion.


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