i would like to get help with one of my homework | Get Quick Solution

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i would like to get help with one of my homework | Get Quick Solution
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Hi! Please watch this video and upload your assignment as an assignment. You don’t need to read or comment on other people’s posts today. Share recording with viewers:

https://marymountuniversity.zoom.us/rec/share/WWFEnURF8z7gwmOLVfR8i-BSA_Bw1D4XmmEhepnbpLSatjCklnePmA-It7nyEsHx.FO96JbXNmMui_iG0 (Links to an external site.) Passcode: +DW*A9?d

Links for “I am Joaquin”

Watch Video: “I Am Joaquin” (1969) dir. Luis Valdez (Links to an external site.)"I Am Joaquin" (1969) dir. Luis Valdez

Text: https://www.latinamericanstudies.org/latinos/joaquin.htm (Links to an external site.)

Article by Dr. Johnson (in Files, as “Unsexing I am Joaquín”) You can read this if you want. It’s a good example of my early writing and is a poetry explication.

Your other work today is to upload your poetry explication and do a peer review for three peers (this will automatically be assigned when you upload).


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