ID List Unit 1 HIST 1493 Fall 2019 | Get Quick Solution

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ID List Unit 1 HIST 1493 Fall 2019 | Get Quick Solution
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Please Answer all the Following 20 ID Terms, indicating When the event took place, what it is, who is involved, details, and the broader historical significance. Be as thorough and descriptive as possible.

1. Thirteenth Amendment

2. Freedman’s Bureau

3. Radical Reconstruction

4. Black Codes

5. Sharecropping

6. Election of 1876

7. Transcontinental Railroad

8. Assimilationism

9. Wounded Knee Massacre

10. Gilded Age

11. Robber Barons

12. “New Immigration”

13. Election of 1896

14. Influence of Seapower Upon History

15. Spanish-American War

16. Philippine Insurrection

17. The Square Deal

18. Progressive Era

19. Muckrakers

20. The Jungle


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