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Initial Impression of Educated | Get Quick Solution
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ENG-102-I03 – English Composition II

You have read Part One of Tara Westover’s memoir Educated. Part One introduces and describes Tara’s unconventional family and recounts incidents that shaped her younger years growing up in rural Idaho. This part of her memoir ends as she is leaving her family to attend college in Utah. This assignment asks you to reflect on what you’ve read and learned so far.

Write a paragraph (150-200 words) which addresses ALL of the following:

  • What facet of Tara’s unconventional upbringing made the biggest impression on you? By this I mean things like the lack of formal education, distrust of government, distrust of health care system/modern medicine, survivalist/isolationist mentality, physical aggression/abuse, father’s mental health/religious fanaticism, etc.
  • Give a specific example from her story that highlights your impression. You may quote, summarize, or paraphrase from the book here. To avoid plagiarism, cite the source using a signal phrase to introduce the borrowed material (Westover says, for example) and a parenthetical citation at the end of it (Westover 26, for example). Remember to include a Works Cited page with an entry for the book. Use the MLA Practice Template (MLA Help folder) to properly format your entry.
  • Explain why this chosen example made an impression on you. Is it because you can relate in some way or maybe exactly the opposite?

Use the Standards for Written Work to format your paragraph. Name your document Yourname.firstimpression.doc (or .pdf). Upload your document here and then click the Submit button.


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