Introduction to American Politics online course discussion – Dahl, Ch 5: “Why Democracy?” | Get Quick Solution

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Introduction to American Politics online course discussion – Dahl, Ch 5: “Why Democracy?” | Get Quick Solution
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Read chapter 5 by Dahl and respond to his points and arguments. Also, comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.

(I will attach Chapter 5 by Dahl)

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

Dahl describes the ten advantages of democracy. “In spite of its flaws, however, we must never lose sight of the benefits that make democracy more desirable than any feasible alternative to it.”(Dahl Pg. 60). The one that caught my attention most was number five which states “Only a democratic government can provide a maximum opportunity for persons to exercise the freedom of self-determination–that is, to live under the laws of their own choosing”(Dahl Pg. 53). We simply would not be able to manage or get along without the structure of democracy. Human beings naturally have things they agree and disagree on. Dahl mentions on page 53 how easy life would be if we all got along and agreed on everything. That is ideal, but it is not realistic. So we need guidance, we need structure. Democracy allows us to exercise our beliefs and freedom. It allows us to debate and make decisions as a group. Daily living is a constant compromise because there will always be someone that disagrees with us. Another one that is really important is number one. “Democracy helps to prevent government by cruel and vicious autocrats.” (Dahl Pg. 46) Meaning no one person will rule over all. History has shown the negative effects of a one ruler government. Hitler and Stalin are prime examples or autocrats. Democracy protects us and our freedom.

works cited

Dahl, Robert A, and Ian Shapiro. On Democracy. Yale University Press, 2015.


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