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Introduction to American Politics online course discussion – Dahl | Get Quick Solution
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Read chapter 8 by Dahl and respond to his points and arguments. Also, comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.

(I will attach Chapter 8 by Dahl)

Q: Dahl, Ch 8: “What Political Institutions Does Large-Scale Democracy Require?” (16pgs)

Ok, go ahead class… discuss this important chapter. Think about the United States. Think critically, as always.

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

According to Dahl, a large-scaled democracy requires these six institutions:

1.Elected officials

2.Free, fair and frequent elections

3.Freedom of speech

4.Alternative sources of information

5.Associational autonomy

6.Inclusive citizenship

The one I want to focus on is the third one, Freedom of Speech, which is described as, “Citizens have a right to express themselves without danger of severe punishment on political matters broadly defined, including criticism of officials, the government, the regime, the socioeconomic order, and the prevailing ideology” (Dahl pg.85-86). I believe this is the foundation for any and every democracy. The ability to speak ones mind and have an opinion that is different of everyone else’s is what allows a country to be a democracy. Of course, sometimes the ability to speak your mind is not a positive outcome since not everything that comes out of everyone’s mouth is appropriate. With the freedom of speech comes the free of voicing your opinion on matters that affect you and your community. Unfortunately, freedom of speech also allows for the voicing of hate speech and opinions that go against those who are affected by those issues. Being able to speak does make one an intelligent animal, but it does allow for universal communication, which I again believe is the foundation for a democracy. However you choose to see it, having the ability to voice your opinion without being oppressed or silenced by someone with authority is the key to establishing a government that benefits both the majority and the minority.

Work Cited

Dahl, Robert A, and Ian Shapiro. On Democracy. Yale University Press, 2015.


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