Introduction to American Politics online course discussion – West Book, Ch4 | Get Quick Solution

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Introduction to American Politics online course discussion – West Book, Ch4 | Get Quick Solution
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Be sure to read carefully and share your thought after reading. Just aim to understand and digest material and thoughts. No need to memorize anything. Also, comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.

(I will attach Chapter 4 of the book)

West, Ch FOUR “Identity Politics” p69

oConservative Tribalism 70

oLiberal Tribalism 79

oPower Tribalism 92

oMistrusting Other Tribes 99

All yours, read and respond thoughtfully. Interact in a meaningful way. Cite pages please.

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

According to West. “Many Americans form communities through their identification with groups based on gender, ethnicity, race, religion, politics, or person lifestyle. This practice of sorting themselves into the like minded communities has intensified social and economic divisions and made it difficult for people to understand one another. As a result of this development, American politics has increasingly taken on the character of tribal conflict.” (Westp.69, 2019). American communities have fueled misunderstandings, distrust, and tolerance. There has been a fundamental breakdown in the glue that binds people together, and the negative feelings associated with those divisions have contributed that is so pervasive today (. Westp. 70. 2019). West talks about conservative tribalism where tribes were mostly based on family and religious ties. People valued loyalty and religious values. Much of our social lives revovled around these connections. (West p.70. 2019). West mentions that family life was not always peaceful. He talks about his grand mother, who had a dozen kids, washing dishes and making clothes were demanding tasks. His grandfather was the disciplinarian in the family. He opposed gambling and was a farmer. West p. 74, 2019). The government decisions in the 1960’s pushed the country in a secular direction. the forces of modernity were spreading across the nation and would produce a revolution of people’s thinking and behavior. Over the decades, American courts would legalize the right to an abortion, extend the rights of homosexuals and lesbians, allow schools to pass out condoms and contraceptives and give federal government considerable power over states and localities.(West p. 75, 2019). All these caused tremendous anger in rural America. Overtime, rural churches became more militant about their fundamentalism and more insistent on the need to contest the political arena. (West. p.75, 2019). According to West. “Tribal discontent reached a boiling point during the 2018 supreme court hearings of Brett Kavanaugh. Legislators of the two political parties divided sharply over Kavanagugh’s legal philosophy and service during the George Bush presidency, and judicial temperament. Conflict sharply escalated when Christine Blusey Ford alleged that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her in high school. In reply, Kavanaugh strongly denied the accusation. President Trump tweeted his support for Kavanaugh. Public opinion sharply divided along partisan lies. (West p. 100. 2019).

Work Cited

West, Darrell. “Divided Politics. Brookings Institute Press, pp. 69-100, 2019.


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