Introduction to Anthropology

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Introduction to Anthropology
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1. Analyze the transformation of Nya’s lifein relation to social media. What ideas and messages did the director try to convey and what kind of shared cultural knowledge, including worldview, as well as cultural behavioral patterns discussed in Chapter 2arereflectedin the film? Take into good consideration the multi-layered “cultures” that compose Nya’s life, including, but not limited to, bilingual, African, teenage/young adult, and women’s cultures.

2. Based on the information provided in Chapters 3 and 4, critically analyze how technology affects language both verbally and nonverbally, using examples from the film. How are nonverbalphoto depictions often different from the actual voice or in-person conversation with an actual person and why is nonverbal communication so critical to communication?What do you think Witta, Nya’s friend, means by “in life, what’s interesting, exciting, and stimulating goes beyond what’s fits in the palm of your hand”(17:10-17:18)?

Take notes. Make sure you write down the page numbers of the textbook and the minute mark of the film along with the information and quotes you are using.No citation, no grade!!

Expand your analysis and explain the concept using examples in your own words.Read Chapters 2, 3 and 4 thoroughly, watch Social Me

Each of your comment must beat leastabout 350words long and well-thought-out with no mechanical/grammaticalerrors. Answer all the subquestions, and use crisp and clear words with specific and relevant examples to argue your point thoroughly. I strongly suggest that you prepare well-written answers in a separate word processing system before logging in to paste them on the forum.


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