islamophobia​- tie it to nativism​ and Intersectionality | Get Quick Solution

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islamophobia​- tie it to nativism​ and Intersectionality | Get Quick Solution
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MUST use 2 pear reviewed articles to back up your clames


must use islamophobia(from chapter 4) nativism (chapter 13) Intersectionality(chapter 14) bellow you will see a general guideline attachment incase mine was confusing

to help you can used…

and to find pear reviewed journal articles must use

2 sentence thesis, You thesis should speak to the problems of islamophobia and propose a specific solution meanwhile explaining how nativism and Intersectionality tie into the problem of islamophobia. (breakdown below)

first sentence: summarize islamophobia and tie it to nativism and Intersectionality

second sentence: summery of your proposed solution

Identity and describe a racial inequality/injustice in society. Be specific. What are the various institutional (make sure to talk about guantanamo bay prison), lega (make sure to talk about how trump wants to set a limit of how many muslims can come into the USA a year), and socio-political dynamics (make sure to talk about mosque bombings in the USA) of islamophobia?

What are the ways in which social scientists measure and/or observe this racial inequality known as islamophobia? (deep research from the pear reviewed articles)

explain and interpret the theory of islamophobia and the concept of nativism. ( do not just define it explain and analyze it) Describe a proposed policy solution and/or social movement that is attempting to combat the negative effects of your chosen racial inequality. make sure you talk about what this issue resolves and what it lacks at resolving. both pros and cons of the solution!

What types of solutions are being presented and what are the benefits of the proposed policy solution or social movement? pros and cons

Analyze the proposed policy solution and/or social movement using the concept Intersectionality.

( do not just define it explain and analyze it)

Does your proposed solution sufficiently address the conditions outlined by the theory islamophobia?


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