Israel vs Palestine

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Israel vs Palestine
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Go to Kanopy and log in with the username and password below.

User name : and the password is : Bachubachi3600@@

1. watch the three films “ My So-Called Enemy”, “ Disturbing the Peace” and “ My Terrorist”
2. Look at how crimes and atrocities committed by individual members of one group against individual members of another group are often seen collectively, as if targeting someone from Group X means one has attacked everyone in Group X.
Explain how this works — focusing on My Terrorist — and why, although we know, as members of a given group, that our own social groups are diverse and heterogeneous, our standard truth is that members of other social groups are homogeneous. Be sure to be detailed about My Terrorist and to make connections between that movie and the two others in your response.

The more you integrate ideas from these three films, as well as RR, the stronger the paper will be


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