itcc200 week 2 assignment powerpoint review description | Get Quick Solution

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itcc200 week 2 assignment powerpoint review description | Get Quick Solution
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  • The scenario:Because the company is growing and adding more employees, Lucky Fellows—the CFO for Sweets Bakery & More—wants all employee orientations to be more consistent than they have been in the past. He has started a list of topics to be covered. Mr. Fellows has asked you to complete the list and create a PowerPoint presentation. He also wants you to include a new employee benefit: Profit Sharing—Five percent of net profits will be shared with employees.For this assignment, you will need the following files: New blank PowerPoint presentation Employee_OrientationYou will save your files as: Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Outline Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Presentation
    1. Open the Word file Employee_Orientation.
    2. Promote, demote, and move items so that the items display in a more logical order.
    3. Save the file as Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Outline
    4. Import the Word document into PowerPoint.
    5. Modify the presentation by
      • inserting or deleting slides
      • applying a theme
      • changing the slide layout
      • applying character spacing
      • applying text shadow
    6. and inserting and modifying at least one SmartArt graphic or shape.
    7. Add speaker’s notes to at least three slides.
    8. Save the presentation as Lastname_Firstname_Orientation_Presentation In both files, insert the your name in the footer.

Upload the completed assignment files in the Assignment area.

  • Special Instructions:Use the Supporting Materials below to complete the project.

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