its a source evaluation

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its a source evaluation
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The topic is about Mared & Karen case all documents below

I need one page( darft) tomorrow and dosent need to be good just something to show in class, and the rest by friday

For your source evaluation, choose one source that you plan to use in your upcoming research report. (You can choose a source from your annotated bibliography, but this is not required.)

Write an essay that explains whether your chosen source is credible or not.

In order to determine if your chosen source is credible (or not credible), you’ll need to research the characteristics of a credible source. How can you tell if a source is credible?

Based on the information you find in your research, does your chosen source qualify as “credible”? How so? And what kinds of audiences would most likely conclude that your chosen source is “credible”? Why?

Use your essay to answer these questions, and use the information you find in your research to support your conclusions.

I’ve attached a sample source evaluation to this assignment description. This source evaluation was written by one of my former students. The student’s identity has been hidden.

These are links giving by my professor episodes to a podcast about the case


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