Journal articles are peer-reviewed publications that help scholars | Get Quick Solution

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Journal articles are peer-reviewed publications that help scholars | Get Quick Solution
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Journal articles are peer-reviewed publications that help scholars communicate ideas, theories, empirical analyses, and conclusions.

The ability to critically read journal articles is a skill that is developed with practice. This skill is especially useful when you transfer to a 4-year college or university.

If you are contemplating attending graduate school to earn a Masters, professional, or Doctoral degree, then analyzing journal articles is an essential skill.

Analyzing a journal article is related to reading. Reading is a skill that is developed with practice and is important for your future academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

  • Academically, your reading load will increase with each semester you are in higher education. Building that skill now will serve you well into the future.
  • Professionally, you will have contracts, employee handbooks, technical manuals, financial reports, and other documents to read.
  • Personally, your son, daughter, nephew, or niece will need you to teach them to read.


Step 1: Download PDF of the article

Step 2: Analyze the Article

  • Identify the 12 parts of the article, as described in the Anatomy of a Journal Article and elaborated upon in the Details of Analyzing Journal Articles, and you can also review the Walkthrough.
  • Optional:Schedule a tutoring appointment with the Writing Center or meet with a NetTutor (if available) if you want a 3rd party to help you think through this assignment
  • Optional: Upload a picture of you Writing Center Tutoring slip or a screenshot of your NetTutor interaction as evidence

Step 3: Demonstrate identification of parts

  • Paper: hand write on the margins or the back of the page
  • Electronic: electronically highlight the text and/or comment in margins of the page

Step 4: Write Out the Research Design (2 pages)


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