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Journal Drama | Get Quick Solution
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This journal contains a critique of each complete act of Hamlet. Since Hamlet is a play in five acts, your journal will contain five (5) complete entries. You are NOT required to critique each scene in the play. Your critique should cover the entire act.

Remember that the word length for Journal II Drama goes to 70 to 90 words each. However, the format is the same for each journal regardless of number of entries(instructions attached below). Nothing has changed except the word count. Only the Journal I Poetry has a shorter word count for each entry.

Complete journal instructions and examples are in the Journal Project section.

1. “Hamlet, Act I” Critique

2. “Hamlet, Act II” Critique

3. “Hamlet, Act III” Critique

4. “Hamlet, Act IV” Critique

5. “Hamlet, Act V” Critique

Possible Critique Considerations (for journal entries)

1. What is the theme (main idea) of the poem, drama, or short story?

2. How does the author develop the theme?

3. Did the author have a political, social, or religious purpose in this writing? What? Explain.

4. Do you agree or disagree with the writer concerning the point he or she was trying to make? Explain why or why not.

5. Do you agree or disagree with the values the writer seems to support in making her or his point? Explain why or why not.

6. If you were rewriting this poem, drama, or short story what you change or add to make the work better or easier to understand?

7. How did the language or culture of the influence or perhaps hinder your understanding of the work?

8. Did you learn anything about the culture, moods, or attitudes of the time the work was written?

NOTE: These questions are only suggestions that you may use to give you ideas about critiquing poetry, drama, and short stories.


(Sample follows)

Student Name
Instructor Name
Class Name and Number Day Month Year

1. “Name of Entry” Critique

2. “Name of Entry” Critique

3. “Name of Entry” Critique

4. “Name of Entry” Critique

5. “Name of Entry” Critique

Table of Contents

(Last name and page should be 1⁄2 inch from top of page.) (All other margins are 1inch.)

Last Name 1

1. ”Name of Entry” Critique

Follow instructions and include all information required until you have reached at least the minimum word requirements. If you do not reach the minimum required, you will not receive credit for this entry. When you have finished, include the work count.
Word Count:

2. “Name of Entry” Critique
Continue with next entry until required length. Then include word count.

Word Count: (Sample)


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